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Mulching reduces the potential for wildfires by eliminating small leafy plants, fallen or rotten trees, and other fuel sources. If left untreated, these fuel loads increase potential for fire,increase the heat intensity, and serve as fire ladders that enable fire to elevate quickly to the tops of trees which is where a fire can spread most quickly. Mulching can also be used to create a coarse grind finish that can create a more ideal controlled slow burn.After a fire is out and cleanup efforts are under way, tracked forestry mulching machines can provide a top layer of mulch to prevent top soil erosion and minimize water pollution.


Forestry mulching has become popular among conservation organizations, government agencies, hunt clubs, and private land owners attempting to maintain habitats for various animals. Maintaining an animal habitat encompasses several different aspects: food, water,shelter, and space, and there are many products that can help reclaim and maintain wildlife habitats for these animals..


Forestry mulching can be used to restore water source access that has been blocked due to tree and invasive species growth, allowing animals to access the water.


Forestry mulching can remove invasive underbrush that prevents the growth of the grasses required by certain animals for shelter, breeding, escaping the summer heat, and protecting themselves from cold winters.


Forestry mulching is one of the new components to the “GOING GREEN” movement. Forestry mulching is designed to remove trees, stumps, and brush by grinding organic material into mulch. Unlike traditional methods of land clearing, such as bulldozing and burning, forestry mulching is able to preserve the land’s top soil and grass, thereby clearing trees with minimal damage to the environment.

Forestry mulching has been praised for its eco-friendly methods that guard against ground erosion, preserving wanted tree and grass roots, and quickly enhance land without scarring the property. In addition, the mulch generated from a forestry mulching both supplies nutrients to the soil and enhances its moisture retention.

Forestry mulching’s ability to preserve land while still removing unwanted trees and brush makes it the most environmentally friendly land clearing method in the industry..

Bulldozing and burning (outdated) land clearing methods are used by large companies and property owners alike. These outdated land clearing techniques are time consuming, potentially hazardous and ecologically destructive. But a large swing of companies and land owners alike are educating themselves and changing to environmentally friendly land development via forestry mulching.


Forestry mulching is far superior way to be a good steward of your land. Effective at removing trees while maintaining the environment, forestry mulching is now for many companies’ the number one choice for both environmentally friendly and highly efficient land clearing. Forestry mulching preserves the soil’s nutrients and roots, leaving little damage to the areas overall eco-system. Forestry mulching saves property owners and companies from putting time and money into the cleanup and rebuilding of land that is part of outdated land clearing methods. In addition, forestry mulching cuts trees even to the ground. This allows the roots to compost naturally and the mulch created from the trees provides nutrients to the soil, thus further enhancing the environment. Unlike more traditional methods, forestry mulching creates an area more similar to a park than a demolition site..

Have you ever heard someone say “I wish the developer would have cut down more trees in this neighborhood”?

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Forestry mulching is the single step process by which undesirable vegetation, trees, brush and stumps are ground into mulch by mobile machinery. The mulch is generally spread as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area. This retards initial re-growth, prevents erosion, and replenishes the topsoil base.