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Big Game Forestry Mulching removed cedar trees  and underbrush from a lot in Diamond Ridge Boerne Texas.  The lot had been for sale for a year without a sell.  Clearing the lot and revealed the $1million view and a perfect area for a home sight. We called the land owner to inform them that we were 30 minutes from finishing the job only to be told by the land owner that the land was sold.

Buyers buy with their eyes.  This property could have remained for sale for some time to come before ultimately selling for a much lower price, but sold quickly after the right buyer saw it for what it was instead of what it could be.  Evasive cedar trees can deter your buyers from your listed property for other more aesthetically appealing property.

Whether you are a realtor or a land owner considering the sell of your property.  Big Game Forestry Mulching can help you to get top dollar by surgically clearing and beautifying what is already there.